Coupon store

A home for all your coupons and loyalty cards.


Store discounts and coupons
Overrun by the many discounts and the different apps every store keeps? Keep all the discounts organized in one place in this app. Coupon codes and barcodes are supported.
Mark coupons as used
Used a coupon? Mark it as used. Used coupons are hidden, but can still be viewed separately.
Automatically filter expired coupons
Expired coupons are automatically filtered, so that only valid coupons are shown.
Store barcode based loyalty cards
Store loyalty cards with a barcode in the app to have them all in one place. The barcode is displayed in the app and can be scanned on your mobile phone within the store.
Barcode to scan coupons and loyalty cards
Different barcodes are supported for both coupons and loyalty cards.

Open source and self hostable

Coupon is open source and can be self hosted. You can install it yourself or use docker-compose as desribed below.

  1. Checkout or download
  2. Start the application:
docker-compose -f docker-compose.example.yml up